Brand slogan

First, Tianzi name origin
"Heaven" from the "natural", on behalf of the connotation and accomplishment and other inherent temperament; "posture" from the "graceful grace", on behalf of the face and attitude and other external charm. The word into one, composed of "Tiancheng beauty, and luxurious appearance", only from the literal has been sketched out the brand intrinsic: magnificent life and unparalleled elegance.
Second, the signs and interpretation
Graphics is a water ballet dancers jump out of the waves, looks graceful, soft body style; English TNZI part of the Chinese phonetic abbreviation made of patchwork lines like a rhythm notes, together with the graphics formed a beautiful Smart " The standard color is warm purple, warm purple by the combination of red and blue, red on behalf of the sun, but also a symbol of women; blue Color represents the sea, but also symbolizes the male, the two harmonious coexistence, hardness and softness; graphics, text, color, a common combination of expression of the love of life, as well as the gratitude of all natural things.
Third, advertising language and analysis
Tianzi, talent charm. Natural charm and beauty Tianzi, talent, charm, beauty, four key words, composed of the core elements of the slogan, meaning the wearer has the charm and beauty of God.