Enterprise Overview

TNZI (Tianzi) - China's famous swimwear brand, the company set swimsuit, fitness yoga, home underwear, and accessories, and other integrated products, is a collection research and development, production and sales as one of the innovative brand enterprises, but also a Deep background of the designer brand.
Tianzi company predecessor is one of the world's largest swimwear suppliers, since the early 90s, opened its own brand operation of the chapter, over the years committed to swimwear as the core of product development and design, focusing on water products, scientific research , As well as the improvement of functional technology optimization, the art and technology, personality and technology, fashion and functional clever integration, "fashion swimsuit artist" in the name of the market is unique. 2009 Tianzi set up a brand design center in Hong Kong, and is located in China's three major swimsuit base of the first headquarters of Jinjiang simultaneously research and development of high-end new products. Tianzi in addition to a superior product to grasp the ability, but also holds a fast and efficient supply chain advantage, with more than 50,000 square feet of self-built production base.
Tianzi, in order to steady and orderly pace of development, to join the system model in the country to create a high quality of more than 300 terminal outlets, and maintained a steady growth trend; north, on, wide, deep and other first-tier cities as a benchmark , Radiation led the development of the regional market; have stationed in Wangfujing, Zhuo Zhan, Tianhong, Parkson, Ginza, Lufthansa, Jusco and other first-line shopping malls terminal retail system, and the Office of the counter to the evolution of the museum model gradually escalated. Tianzi, in ensuring consistent quality and fashion personality style, the continued strengthening of new technology research and development, swimwear peripheral product serialization, in broadening the product line width at the same time, to meet the different needs of consumers The In the market to bring consumers more diversified choice at the same time, but also to give partners more value in return space, much at home and abroad fashion people of all ages and respected.
The pride of heaven and earth. Tianzi, the product as a carrier of fashion culture, advocacy is beautiful and healthy, to promote self-confidence and happiness. Tianzi is also working with the World Super Model Contest, Dragon Elite Competition and other international and domestic most influential fashion events in depth cooperation, to promote the development of domestic health and beautiful industry and struggle ahead!